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Planned Giving

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Legacy Society's

Second Century Society

Longhorn Council recognizes two groups of individuals and families who have extended Scouting toward new heights through their philanthropic gifts. We encourage you to make plans on joining one or the other depending on what is right for your personal situation and the life goals you hold for Scouting.

Second Century Society- is a national recognition group for individuals who make an outright gift $25,000 or more (payable over 5 years) or make a deferred gift of $100,000 or more. These gifts can be for operating, capital, or endowment. Deferred gifts can be through any eligible funding mechanism including Bequests, IRA designations or rollovers, Income Annuities, Remainder Trusts, gifts of Real Estate, Stocks, or Insurance.

Donors are recognized at the local Heritage Society Dinner by the Longhorn Council. They are enrolled in the National BSA Second Century Society and are eligible for further recognition and benefits provided by the National Office.

Longhorn Council Heritage Society

This is a Council group of Scouters and families who recognize the need to provide for on-going operations and facilities to future members of the Scouting movement. They leave a legacy of their efforts to shape the future through young people by providing for the financial sustainability of the Longhorn Council's future through an Endowment gift.

Outright gifts or planned gifts of $10,000 or more to the Endowment qualifies.

Once qualified, the membership in the Heritage Society continues indefinitely. Members are invited to various Council events to stay abreast of the Longhorn Council's progress and activity within the community. An annual dinner is conducted to introduce new members and to provide for fellowship with other Heritage members. Frequently James E. West fellows are invited guests.

Second Century Society Booklet